What is Bike to Work Month?

Bike to Work Month is an annual campaign, run by EnviroCentre in partnership with the City of Ottawa, with the goal of promoting commuter cycling and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

When is Bike to Work Month?

Bike to Work Month runs throughout the month of May in Ottawa.  If you sign up and log how far you commute by bike you’ll be eligible to win one of the great prizes!

Who can participate?

The campaign is meant to celebrate people who choose to commute by bike! To be eligible for a prize you must be 18 years or older.

What is a commute?

A commute is any trip a person regularly takes.  That can be to work, volunteer, post secondary school.  If you think you are commuting, feel free to sign up!

How do you pick winners for the prizes?

We randomly draw a person who has signed up and logged at least one commute in May. It is NOT a contest of distance or number of commutes. We want to give brand new cycle commuters the same opportunity to win as our seasoned cyclists who may even take “the long way” home sometimes!

Do I need to create a new account each year?

Yes – we need up to date info to know the success of our campaign and to award prizes to the current participants.

How much does it cost to join?

Nothing! Zero dollars! Completely free! We just want you to ride your bike!

How do I sign up?

Go to www.biketoworkottawa.ca and hit the SIGN UP button. You will be directed to a page where you create a user name and password, fill out a few questions and voila you have signed up!

How do I create a team?

Once you have created your own account, log in and you will see a tab called teams.  There you can create a team, join a team or see the progress of your team.  You MUST have your own account to create or join a team. Here are the basic steps to create a team:

  1. Sign up for Bike to Work Month
  2. Once you have logged in, go to the “team” tab on your profile. Hint: you may need to refresh or log in to see it pop up.
  3. Choose a team name. Please don’t use special characters such as apostrophes or slashes, as it confuses the website.
  4. Enter the name of your workplace

How do I invite people to join my team?

There are three ways to invite people join your team:

  1. Type their email in the field that invites people to join your team
  2. Send an e-mail telling folks you’ve started a team and they should sign up and join you! Include the name of your team in the email, so that they can search for you.
  3. Hang out at the bike rack, lunch room, photocopier at your workplace and ask people in person!

Depending on whether people searched for your team or signed up via an email invitation, you might get an email letting you know people have joined your team. Other times, the request will go right to your team page. Don’t forget to check in to your team page to approve pending requests to join your team!

How do I join a team?

After you have signed up for Bike to Work Month, go to the “Team” tab on your profile. There, you will see a button to “join a team.”  You can search for your workplace or a team name. Once you join, the team captain of the team will approve you on their end before you are on the team. This is to ensure folks don’t accidentally join the wrong team.

Why should I join a team?

Teams are great to

  • help each other in finding pleasant routes to work
  • build a bit of a fun competition
  • get workplaces/employers and other colleagues to understand that supporting cycling benefits everyone!

How do you calculate savings for bike vs car?

We are using the CAA Drive Cost Calculator which includes depreciation, maintenance, license and registration, insurance, and average monthly car payments for a 2013 Toyota Corolla. This works out to $0.61/km.

We would love for everyone to become “car free” but you probably still have to pay your insurance and car payments, even if you bike to work.

If you want to know JUST FUEL costs, it is currently estimated at $0.17/km.

How do you calculate the Greenhouse Gas averted for bike vs car?

This calculation is based on an average vehicle (2012-2016 models) 255g/KM. Source: US Environmental Protection Agency

How do you calculate the Greenhouse Gas averted for bike vs bus?

This calculation is based on an average OC Transpo vehicle with 45 passengers aboard approx. –OC Transpo data

1.57kg GHG/KM (for the whole bus) divided by 45 passengers is our best estimate for the per person carbon footprint.

Oops! I made a mistake logging my commute – what can I do?

Under kilometres logged, click on the date/commute that you need to fix. There are two options – you can either delete it entirely, or edit it. Click on which option you prefer. Edit will keep the same date but will allow you to change kilometres but keep the same date stamp. Delete simply makes your entry disappear.