The Banfield Benchmark

If you are following us on social media, you probably know that the folks at Banfield Agency are the creative minds behind our fun new logo and keeping our website rolling along. The funny thing is, they had never had a Bike to Work Month team… until this year!

Banfield is in a great location in a beautiful historic house in Hintonburg. It’s easily accessible and a few folks were already cycling there daily before the Bike to Work team showed up on their doorstep. Now they have 9 people on their team and 2 are brand new to cycle commuting!

When we asked what was the best thing about biking to work, they said:

“We all agree that biking to work has lead to paying more attention to our surroundings, appreciating the neighbourhoods we pass through and discovering new shops and parks. One of our cyclists passes by a family of ducklings at Dow’s Lake every morning and now has a habit of checking in on them everyday to see how they’re doing!”

They are creative bunch and specialize in taking great things and making them even better! The Banfield team hopes that by setting a benchmark it may lead to trying to top their distance cycled each month throughout the summer.  The fact that Bike to Work Month is in May motivated a few of them to start biking sooner in the season than they usually would (hmmm…we are sneaky like that!).  Maybe someone will bike one more day per week! Maybe a sunshine cyclist will bike through a puddle! A benchmark is a great way to set a goal and see results. We love that Banfield is using Bike to Work Month as a benchmark for the rest of the season — and we hope you or your team will try it, too. We are so glad to have the Banfield team on our team!

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